Bad Company Corrupts…

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

I am going to break from my typical politics posts for a moment. If there is one thing that has been on my mind, it is this bible verse above. The past few months have been just plain miserable for me. I can tell myself all day, every day, just to “chalk it up to experience”. But, I still think about it all the time (and I probably will for a while, but hopefully writing about it will help move on).

Let me just say first that some people can have roommates in college (or college-aged years) and be perfectly fine. In fact, some people love it. I am completely happy for those people. But, in all of my roommate situations I have never had a good one. Back in my Baptist college of Florida days, I had two roommates. One was pretty awful and the other was just mediocre. But, this year, I decided to take a chance, save some money, and get a roommate again. Now, I was on my own already, working, going to school, doing perfectly fine. Why did I mess that up? I got a roommate, found out some things weren’t like I thought, we lived two very different lifestyles, and I put up with it for a while. But, things just kept getting worse and worse.
I will just end this segment of the story with the fact that I broke my lease, moved into a different apartment (which is awesome btw!), and I am starting back over. It is better to have peace of mind then save some money.

I think it boils down to us wanting to be “community-driven, socially-driven” people. I think that is how we were made by God. We hate being alone…for the most part. But, when we get involved in communities or with people (you can go from acquaintances, to friends, all the way to your spouse), we still have to make sure the company we keep doesn’t corrupt us. This verse hits the nail on the head. Bad company ruins good morals.

So, I hope I didn’t disappoint you with this post. I just wanted to try to get the rest of it off my chest. As always, if you have any comments or opinions, feel free to post them below.

#AL01 Congressional Race

If you are not from Alabama District 1, you probably do not know much about the congressional race to replace Rep Jo Bonner. However, it has gotten a little bit of national attention so there’s a slim chance you have. If you live in Alabama District 1, then you should know a lot about this race (even if you TRY to get away from politics). If you watch tv, you probably have seen one of those nasty ads from both republican campaigns.

Alabama District 1 is largely a republican district. After all, Jo Bonner has been the representative for eleven years. Jo Bonner finally decided to retire from Congress and get, yet another, retirement package. He now has retired from US Congress and he will also be retiring from the state because he has a job with the University of Alabama now. That’s an entirely different topic though and not relevant. Jo Bonner has done some good for lower Alabama. I’m not going to take that away from him. But, he has definitely been a “moderate” politically while serving in D.C. He has voted for the bailouts, TARP, supported wire-tapping and the NSA PRISM act, and more. He does not have any libertarian principles I believe.

So the election is going on right now and yesterday we had the run-off election for the GOP. The race was between Bradley Byrne (who ran for governor against the current Governer Robert Bentley) and Dean Young (someone who calls himself a “business man”, but probably should use that term loosely). The media is making it out like this election means a lot because you have on one side an establishment republican and on the other side you have a “tea party” conservative. Personally, I do not believe this is the case. I think both of these candidates are leaning more towards the “establishment” type republican, but I absolutely do not think either candidate has a whole lot of libertarian principles.

At first, I supported Dean Young in the primary election. I will be honest and say I didn’t do my complete research and only looked at the basics. After further research and information that came out, I could not pull myself to vote for him in the run-off election. Even if he is a “tea party” candidate, he is crazy. He has a very strange obsession with Judge Roy Moore (who I do not support either) and he has nothing good to say about homosexuals. Just because you are against something socially, like homosexuality, doesn’t mean you have to make it illegal in the federal government. But, that is a whole new topic that I MIGHT attempt one day.

So, yesterday, I did vote. And I did vote for Bradley Byrne. I hate to say that I voted for the “lesser of two evils”, but I kind of did. Neither candidate do I really support and neither candidate do I really think has the libertarian/limited government/constitutional principles that I would like. But, the fact is, we are in District 1 which is a primary republican district so we have to “deal with” these candidates at the moment.

But, I will end with some good news. I love it when there is an independent in the race. They may not have a big chance at winning. They may not even get the recognition they deserve. But, they are there. Everyone is pretty much getting ready for Bradley Byrne to be the next congressman for Alabama District 1. But, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a miracle happen and we elected James Hall to represent district 1 in D.C. James Hall is an independent running and will be, or should be, on the ballot for the general election (as well as the democrat candidate, Leflore). There isn’t much being said about James Hall, but I researched him and talked to him on Facebook and he is very down to earth. He is a TRUE businessman and while isn’t RUNNING on the libertarian ticket nor does he even classify himself as a libertarian, he has some good libertarian principles that I feel are much-needed in Washington right now.

So, I encourage you to check out James Hall for Congress on Facebook and learn more about him. You should even message/post him some questions because he does reply to them. Let’s send a message to the GOP that says we are tired of the “establishment” republicans that are on the ballot year after year, even if they are disguised as lunatic “tea party” ones.

End the Fed?

How many people truly know about the Federal Reserve and the power behind it? How many people know that the Federal Reserve is actually NOT part of the government at all? How many want to AUDIT or END the Fed? Think on these questions while you read this post.

First, a little history lesson: The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States. The Federal Reserve has been around since December 23, 1913 (99 years ago) (source: The Federal Reserve was initially created for three reasons: 1) Maximum Employment, 2) Stable prices, and 3) Moderate, Long-term interest rates. Over the years, however, the Federal Reserve has grown in size and power.

Before the Federal Reserve, we had the era of “Free Banking”. This mainly got its start in 1977 with Austrian economist, Friedrich Hayek. This era had no central bank and banks and people could use a commodity like gold or in some cases “fiat money”. Why did we get away from this free banking system? I believe if we would have stuck with the free market, we could have improved on it and never would have got in the mess we are in with this central bank we call “The Federal Reserve”.

On a whelm, the Federal Reserve can choose to change interest rates and print more money. The Federal Reserve can control, or manipulate, the economy in whatever fashion they choose. I think it is time to get back to the “gold standard” and get rid of this “fiat money” where we just print more of it if we choose to.

Why an end to the Fed?

We found out last year when there was an audit of the Fed (although not a complete one) that over 16 trillion dollars were given out to world banks and US banks to “bail them out”. The Federal Reserve has said that these “bailouts” are all-inclusive loan programs, but none have been paid back thus far, or very few of them and they were “loaned” out at 0% interest. These bankers are creating money out of thin air and giving it to US and world banks to “help them out”. There is absolutely no accountability. This should fuel anger in Americans. Yet, Americans do not know hardly anything about the Federal Reserve and they are being brainwashed by the mainstream media that the Federal Reserve is much needed to keep the economy afloat.

I could go on and on about the Federal Reserve. But, other people have done a much better job than I can do right now with providing information about the Federal Reserve and how to end it. Don’t let this be the end of your reading about the Fed. If you haven’t heard about this, let this be the beginning.

A Debt Ceiling: Does it Matter?

The only thing we could hear in the media the past few day, or the past few weeks, was talk about the “debt ceiling” and the government shutdown. If you believe everything the media tells you, you will believe that this is such a horrible thing. The GOP/Republicans need to stop holding back the Democrats in the Senate and President Obama. It is always the GOP’s fault……always.

But, the question to ask is: Does the debt ceiling really matter? Well, if they keep raising it every year, or even every few months, then no, the debt ceiling matters not. What is the point of having a debt ceiling when you just always end up passing yet another spending bill to increase it. They seem to do these “temporary” ones, but, let’s face it, it’ll be permanent in the next few months.

Let’s take this to a business perspective: Does a company have a debt ceiling that they have to deal with or can they just control their finances like our government controls OURS? I guess I can get more specific. Let’s talk about a dialysis company just to make it interesting (especially with all of the healthcare changes happening). Let’s compare a dialysis company with the federal government. A dialysis company has employees to pay. The federal government has employees to pay. If a dialysis company hit their “debt ceiling” and they weren’t producing enough revenue and they couldn’t just “increase their debt”, what would they do? They would lay off a whole bunch of employees and do other ways of “cutting back” their budget. Is this what the federal government did/does? Negative. The federal government just says we need to increase this imaginary “ceiling” and keep spending money so we can hit the ceiling again very soon.

A private company has a BUDGET to operate on. They have to keep this budget very current and balanced. This ensures they do not hit a “ceiling”. It MATTERS to this company to not hit a ceiling of debt. Why does Congress and the President think it is not important to have a budget? Congress hasn’t passed a budget in……a long time. The government operates like a business. How can they do this? I will leave it at that. You can decide and think about the rest.

My next post will be more about money and our government. I believe it goes deeper. Much deeper. I believe Ron Paul had it right. The problem is called the Federal Reserve.

Let me know what you think. Comment below.

Trying to make a difference in this journey.